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Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Leigh A. Zaykoski

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Best Shoes for Working Women

All over the world, millions of women go to work each day and come home with aching feet. If you're a working woman, choose a pair of shoes that suits the type of work you perform and also feels comfortable on your feet. The best shoes for working women a... Read >

Athletic Shoes: A Guide to the Basics

Buying athletic shoes is more difficult than most people know. Not all athletic shoes are appropriate for all sports, so there is a wide selection of shoes to choose from, making it difficult to make a selection. Here are some of the most popular types of... Read >

10 Things to Know Before Donating Your Car to Charity

Donating your car to charity can be a worthy pursuit that rewards you with a feeling of goodwill and some small tax benefits at the end of the tax year. Before donating your car to a charity, there are ten things you should know to make the donation benef... Read >

Categorizing Nonresidential Real Estate

Real estate can be classified as either residential or non-residential. Residential real estate is the type of real estate that gives individuals or families a place to call home. Non-residential types of real estate can be used for a number of purposes a... Read >

Cell Phone Safety Tips

Cell phones are very popular around the world for both business and personal use. They are great for emergencies and for calling to ask for directions if you get lost on your way somewhere. They can also be dangerous because they cause us to pay less atte... Read >

Car Rental for Cross Country Travel

Many people fly to their travel destinations or drive short distances for weekend getaways. Maybe you have the urge to hop in a car and drive across the country to see what a road trip has to offer. When you're considering a cross-country road trip, you m... Read >

Goals of the Human Resources Department

The goals of the human resource management department may vary widely from organization to organization, but there are some key goals that should be the same, regardless of industry or company size. The human resource department should be strongly linked ... Read >

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Incorrectly classifying an employee as an independent contractor can have serious financial and legal ramifications for offending companies. So how do you know how an employee should be classified? There are various classification methods available, but o... Read >

Components of a Successful Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a business tool that is used to communicate how, where, and to whom a business intends to market is product and/or services. In order for a company's marketing strategy to be effective, the master plan must contain several essential co... Read >

8 Important Vitamins for Women

Women have special nutritional needs that may not be met by their diets. In today's world of fast food and meals on the go, it is important that women assess their nutritional status and make up for any deficiencies by taking either a multi-vitamin or the... Read >

8 Important Vitamins & Minerals for Men

Men need many vitamins and minerals to keep their health in top shape and to aid in the function of many body processes. If a man's diet is lacking in these important vitamins and minerals, he may feel tired or experience other health issues. Getting the ... Read >

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Lower back pain can take the spring out of your step with aches and pains and even affect other areas of your body. Learning how to relieve lower back pain can put you on the path to more comfortable days by reducing muscle tension, relieving the pressure... Read >

Conducting Customer Satisfaction Research

Understanding the needs of your customers is an important tool for identifying a starting point for future improvement. Before spending a great deal of valuable time, money, and resources on service improvement programs, you must understand how your custo... Read >

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