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Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

How Juicing helped save my Life

I want to get to one very very important point that I want to stress to all those looking to attain a healthy life and keep it.

It's all about nutrition and blockages within the human body.

It's that simple. I do not want to complicate it by giving you a thousand reasons people get sick.

Yes I am a huge fan of Dr. Norman Walker's because first he lived to be 99 years of age and second he cured thousands of people of many different infirmities including myself of a failed liver, kidneys and pancreas.

As I stated before Dr. Walker believed only 15% of all diseases were hereditary, or obtained through a virus from another person, while 85% were due to the chemicals in the air we breathe, chemicals in the food we eat or a blockage in the human body through one of the glands or organs not working properly.

Upon entering my journey back to health I started to read Dr. Walkers books. Now first I must clarify something that is also of vital importance here, Dr. Walker was not just a doctor he was also a Naturopath.

He believed in first trying naturally to heal the human body before giving it drugs or cutting out an organ. He believed that God has given us our organs for a purpose so to try and save them if possible at all costs.

He actually is the one who first invented the juice machine as we know it. Back then when he invented it, it was a press type machine that squeezed all the juice out of the carrots. He was a lover of nature and wondered why certain animals never got sick and others did.

He theorized that the ones who did, normally died of starvation or a lack of nutrition while the healthy ones ate lots of fruit and or vegetables, hence the invention of the juice machine of today and why making your own juice is vital to obtaining a healthy body.

Making your own juice gives your body the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, bioflavinoids and antioxidents the body needs to keep it functioning to it's utmost potential.

A lack of nutrition in the human body leads to one or more glands not working efficiently within the human body hence the domino effect of one bad thing causing another all due to lack of nutrition or a blockage.

Now I want to talk a little about juicing since it was one of the things that saved my life.

When you juice fruits or vegetables and I mean make your own juice with them, you are extracting the life of the plant or fruit from the pulp and fiber of it.

Yes your body needs fiber but you can get that through whole grain and whole wheat breads and cereals. For example when I make carrot juice, it takes 5 or 6 large carrots to make one glass of carrot juice. Now since carrots are very bland tasting I add an apple to give it the sweetness to appeal to my tastebuds. I could not eat 6 carrots at one time yet to get the proper nutrition my body needs it is easy to juice them. Carrots are one of the only vegetables that have Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and Betacarrotine. I have just fed many glands and organs of my body with a large amount of vitamins and enzymes all with one drink. Are you starting to get the picture yet.

Juicing is one of the many things you have to start doing on a daily basis if you want to achieve any type of health at all and keep it.

There is a verse in the old testament in Leviticus that says the life of the flesh is in the blood. As our life is dependant on our blood for survival and our life is held in it's balance so that life of the flesh is in the juice of the plants in fruits and vegetables.

One more important factor to remember is when you juice fruits and vegetables not only are you putting Vitamins into your bodies you are putting live enzymes through which our bodies heal themselves of sickness and disease.

Remember " Nutrients and Live Enzymes are the cataclyst to the rejuvenation of damaged cells within the human body ".

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