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Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Dry Flaky Skin Cure

While dry flaky skin may not be physically painful, it can certainly be emotionally painful. To understand this, take the example of a case where the dryness and flakiness happens to affect the face, as it often does. Now just imagine the effects of walking around like this. Typically, no one will ask you about your skin condition. What people will do, in an attempt to 'appear polite', is to make their own conclusions about the issue - which could be anything from lack of hygiene to having a terminal skin disease to being an effect of too much stress...and anything in between. Yet whatever a person assumes becomes their reality, and they might even start spreading it around.

So why does this affect some people and not others? Dry flaky skin is mainly caused by a lack of the skin's natural oil (sebum) and the cure for it therefore lies in addressing that lack. This lack of sebum could in turn be as a result of the damage to the glands in the skin which are responsible for its production -which brings us to the first cure for dry flaky skin - which is the use of aloe Vera skin products.

The use of aloe vera skin products - and especially the cream - not only directly gives some oil to the skin but goes as far as healing the underlying tissue responsible for production of the skin's natural oil, thus dealing with the problem from its core.

Another possible cause of dry flaky skin could be lack of the nutrients from which the skin makes sebum -and this brings us to yet another possible cure for dry flaky skin, which is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition in this regard does not mean eating oily food  but rather, taking foods which contain the nutrients that the skin uses to make sebum, most notably Sulphur - a nutrient which is abundant in commonplace foods like onions and garlic. These are easy to use foods which you can embrace in place of spices in your cooking.

Use of harsh soaps and very hot bathing water is yet another possible reason you could be having dry flaky skin, and the solution to this is straightforward - opting for cooler bathing water, friendlier soaps, and possibly using Aloe Vera skin products to help heal the damage that the harsh soaps had already caused you.

As a short term remedy, you can also opt for a dry skin lotion. Using lotion is a temporary solution for dry skin relief but it won't get the tissues responsible for the production of sebum to produce the oil, but it will certainly help with the embarresment and discomfort

Erica Polaris is a prolific resarcher and writer of skin care health and natural health products. She shares her research on dry flaky skin at her website which includes great tips and recommendations.

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