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Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Gina Gardiner

What Will the Last Words They Hear From You Be

The loss of someone you love is always very difficult but out of bereavement comes a golden opportunity to examine your priorities and to re-evaluate the way things are done. The loss of my brother made me think about many things at a personal level an... Read >

How Heavily Do You rely On One Person for Key Activities

How heavily do you rely on one person for key activities? How much stress is your staff under because there is no one who can fulfil their function if they were to go on holiday or to be ill? What contingency plans do you have in place for dealing w... Read >

Manage Change - Minimise Stress

We are currently living in difficult economic times. Organisations, we have all grown up with and thought of as invincible, appear to be struggling. The media constantly speculate on the next expected casualty and when a difficulty is confirmed they drive... Read >

The 9 Principles of Creating Effective Team Building Activities

The 9 Principles of Creating Effective Team Building Activities Many managers rely on serendipity to create effective teams. At times this creates excellent teams who in turn produce amazing results. Fantastic teams which jell think creatively together... Read >

Creating Personal Boundaries

There are so many different calls upon our time; it is often difficult to fit everything in. How often have you said or heard, "I must make more time". Sadly, it is impossible to make more time. Whatever you do there are only 24 hours in any day or 168 ho... Read >

The Power of Silence

Why is it that so many of us find silence hard to deal with? As a coach I work with so many people who find their heads constantly filled with "chatter" much of which is negative or downright destructive. These internal conversations have the power to... Read >

What is Professionalism

Much is spoken about behaving professionally. Most people can actively recognise professionalism or the lack of it in others, but find it extremely difficult to define it, or model it when considering their own behaviour.So lets unpick exactly what we mea... Read >

The Champagne Corks Have been Popping to Celebrate Your Promotion

The champagne corks have been popping to celebrate your promotion. You have a well paid job you love - it's really interesting. You are using your talents to the full and your boss really values your contribution! If you recognise yourself in the sta... Read >

Saying Yes When You Would Rather Say No

So many of us find ourselves agreeing to do things even when it is detrimental to us. Having said "Yes" we find ourselves flying around, stressed and resentful. Creating a great relationship with yourself where you treat yourself as well as you treat othe... Read >

Organizational Beliefs - Long hours mean better productivity

Limiting beliefs are just as much an issue for organizations and departments as they are for individuals. Any belief which limits potential should be challenged. In this article I'd like to consider the belief which is held by so many organizations that... Read >

Optimizing Organizational Energy

Energy is a finite resource. How we live our lives as an individual impacts hugely on how energised we feel. (Article - Energy - Are You Making The Most Of Yours). Organizations often neglect to think about how they generate or dissipate the collective en... Read >

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