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Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Beautiful Bangles: Exotic Decoration For Your Hand

style="text-align: justify;">Among the jewelries that have been the oriental gift for the world are the beautiful silver bangles that can enhance the beauty and excellence of any hand to a great extent. Normally such bangles are worn in pairs. Multiple metals and other materials are used to manufacture them including gold, silver, wood, glass, plastic, and platinum.

The statement that women of the world are fascinated and enchanted by beautiful bangles is true to a large extent. Not only the oriental world, but a large part of western continents have also been influenced very highly by the excellence and beauty of the bangles. Such bangles have really flooded the market today.

One of the famous forms of excellent silver bangles is the Indian Kangan. Thicker in comparison to the ordinary bangles, this is usually worn by women on both sides of a set of the bangles. Kangans can be made of any material that includes gold, iron, white metals, silver, lac, brass, ivory and multiple other materials. However the gold and silver bangles and kangans are most popular among all.

Bangles could be square or beaded of which the square type happens to be the favorite of the youngsters. Made of resin, metal and plastic, they are available in multiple colors. While the bangles are square, the outer edges have small hole and they are rounded in shape.

Other types of bangles include the studded bangle, acrylic bangle, aluminum bangle, and bangle in lacs and many others. Studded bangles are found in huge numbers in the market and complement stud earrings very well. The width can range from elegance of thin types to broad and flat types. Most of these bangles have small floral and very simple designs.

Some of them have metal grooves in multiple shapes like rectangular, round or other types of shapes. Acrylic bangles on the other hand can be used for casual as well as formal wears. They are simple bangles but the glance is quite great as the polish makes it really beautiful. In fact bangles represent the great finish and designer excellence that are available in Indian art and craft world.

Aluminum bangles are also used a lot and though they form part of the family of bangles they come in the cheaper categories. Though not as expensive as the gold charms they are not behind in terms of fashion as they are available in a variety of styles, color and finishes giving them real touch of elegance. The only thing to look about is to find out products made of quality aluminum that are highly durable and qualitative. Sometimes bangles are also made in lac. Especially mirror works are very popular among the women.

These bangles show a touch of richness as well as class qualities. Lavish and glorious as craftsmen use vibrant colors, costly and precious stones mirror, pearls, as well as glass works that decorate the bangles. Both lac and aluminum bangles come in multiple colors as well as ethnic designs. Every woman from college girls to working girls as well as the housewives, they are popular and are always in demand.

Last but not the least there are the bracelets that are extremely popular among the women across the world. Embroidered bracelets matching with wedding bands and beautiful bangles are the fashion of the day. One can decorate them with small mirrors or pieces of glasses along with the small hangings and the bangles. Both bangles and bracelets can decorate your arms quite nicely and the only thing that matters is the choice of the materials that needs to be qualitative.

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